Our Story

Joom To Go was created out of a desire to manufacture sustainable products that encourage and enhance outdoor healthy lifestyles.

Our mission is to produce high quality, elegant aesthetic goods and at the same time fuel our passion here at Joom to add value and contribute to leading causes and social injustices.

Our product manufacturing team focusses on developing functionality with sustainability. We opt for reusable products that encourage people to be more conscious of single-use materials like plastic.

Our Mission

Plastic pollution has effected the earths environment drastically, causing adversity to the habitat of wildlife and massively effecting the food chain. With a focus on reusable materials Joom To Go has a desire to reduce plastic consumption. Our passion to affect change doesn’t stop there however, a portion of our proceeds will go towards Water Aid in their mission to create safe and affordable drinking water by 2030 in line with the goal of the United Nations.